We all know that Vermont, our beloved “Green Mountain State” is known for producing quality products such as amazing cheese, delicious craft beer, wonderfully roasted coffee…the list goes on.

But did you know that Vermont is also becoming one of the top leaders in hard cider pressing and production? To celebrate this success, a ten-day festival called “Cider Week VT,” starts this Friday, November 14th and continues until Sunday, November 23rd. This major event will highlight many cideries from all over Vermont and showcase a wide variety of offerings and activities including:

  • Sweet and Hard Cider
  • Ice Cider
  • Cask Cider
  • Food Pairings and Dinner Events
  • Meet & Greet sessions with cider makers and staff

We are proud supporters of our clients participating in Cider Week VT including Boyden Valley Winery & Spirits and Woodchuck Hard Cider. The two successful producers have a total of sixteen events taking place throughout the ten-day celebration.

Be sure to check out a few of Boyden Valley’s events happening all over Vermont including diverse tastings at Crossroads Beverage in Waterbury, jazz music and cider drinks at Hotel Vermont in Burlington, and a stellar four-course dinner at the Essex Resort and Spa in Essex (reservations suggested).

Woodchuck Cider also has some exciting nights planned including “Chuck-N-Wing” night, where you can sample chicken wings featuring a spicy-cider glaze. While you dine, enter to win some Woodchuck giveaways and raffle items. Woodchuck is also excited to announce their recently opened cidery in Middlebury. Take a tour of the cider house and while you are there, participate in some cider-tastings taking place throughout the entire week.

For more information on locations, times and participants visit Vermont Cider Week for more details.

Cheers to all our hard-working Vermont cider makers!