The Urban Farm Fermentory located in Portland, Maine, is our newest addition to our expanding portfolio. The UFF is a community-driven, food hub, skills-sharing facility, experimental micro Urban Farm, locally-sourced Fermentation Factory. They primarily ferment Hard Cider, Mead and Kombucha using experimental local ingredients.

The Urban Farm Fermentory is the “first fermentory”. “Fermentory, search out the definition and you’ll find only us. In our case, inventing the word that anchors our company name was necessary. Not a brewery, winery, or distillery, our wares are lesser-known fermentations: kombucha, wild fermented cider, mead, and those to come. The people behind the product, the makers perpetuating the mark, the U.F.F. team consists mostly of homegrown individuals. Maine is a place where roots matter, and it hasn’t taken long for those team members from outside the state to plant themselves in Portland, a foodie city on the rapid rise. Our products, like our name, are distinct. Our products, like our people, are true to Maine.”

Interested in trying some delicious UFF products? We will be selling the following Urban Farm Fermentory Kombuchas & Ciders:

  • Ginger and Blueberry Kombucha in Bottles and on Draught
  • Dry Cidah Bottles and Draught
  • Hopped Cider Bottles and Draught
  • Amalgam Sour Cider Draught
  • Baby Jimmy Bottles and Draught

UFF ciders and kombuchas are now available for shipping to stores and bars across Vermont! Unfortunatley, we will not be offering UFF’s Mead’s for purchase. Keep up-to-date with news and information on the Urban Farm Fermentory by checking out their Facebook page.

We hope you enjoy these new products! Have you tried them before? If so, what is your favorite kombucha or cider? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook!