Henry’s Hard Soda

Henry’s Hard Soda & Seltzer

Henry Weinhard lived hard-ish. He won a lot of hard-earned success but still found time to have a lot of fun. When a fountain was built in his honor in 1887, naturally he offered to pump beer through it for all to enjoy. We made Henry’s Hard Soda to carry on that playful spirit and encourage fun-lovers of all (legal) ages to raise a little heck.

We heard you had a taste for a subtle burst of flavor. Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water is here to answer it with a perfect blend of flavor and lightness.

Hello, refreshment.

Zero Sugar | 4.2% ABV | 88 Calories
1.6g Carb | 0g Fat | <1g Protein

Available in:
12pk 12oz slim can Fruit Fusion Variety Pack

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