Buckler Buckler is a brand of non-alcoholic beer produced by Heineken. This beer is golden yellow, with a light hop flavor, smooth malt finish and mild carbonation.


Clausthaler Clausthaler is a brand of non-alcoholic beer produced in Germany. Clausthaler first appeared on the German market in 1979. Clausthaler is available in two varieties including Clausthaler Premium Classic and Clausthaler Golden Amber both are non-alcoholic. Clausthaler is brewed with only water, barley, hops and yeast.

Genesee NA


Kaliber Kaliber is a premium non-alcoholic lager produced and owned by Diageo, a company that was formed from the merger of Guinness and Grand Metropolitan. Kaliber is brewed as a full strength lager, and at the end of the brewing process, the alcohol is removed. This is a light-bodied beer with  refreshing  malt and hop flavors.

Labatt Blue Non-Alcoholic

Old Milwaukee NA

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