French onion soup: Red, Brown, or Scotch ale

Cream soups: Pilsner

Beef stew or hearty soup: Brown ale or Porter


Green salad (cream dressing): Pilsner

Green salad (vinegar & oil): Brown ale

Fruit salad: Fruit or Wheat beer


Fried foods: Pilsner, Pale, IPA, ESB


Falafel: ESB

Grilled asparagus: Stout

Potatoes & onion with garlic: Amber

Grilled mushrooms: Brown ale

Garlic mashed potatoes: Brown ale or Porter


Chicken & brown gravy: Nut brown ale or Porter

Fried chicken & white gravy: Marzen, Oktoberfest, Porter

Chicken cordon bleu: Marzen

Turkey: Bock, Oktoberfest

Beef and Lamb

Beef Wellington: Brown ale

Porterhouse Steak: Porter

Prime rib: Brown ale

Herbed lamb: ESB

Roast leg of lamb: Scottish ale, Marzen


Pork ribs: Vienna style lager

Roast pork: German wheat or Marzen

Pork tenderloin: Stout


Chocolate: Choc, Oatmeal, or Rasp stout

Fruit: Belgian or Pilsner

Cheesecake: Porter or Chocolate stout

Ice cream: Frambois, Chocolate stout


Crab or lobster: Pilsner or Stout

Shrimp: Wheat, Wit, Pilsner

Spicy shrimp: ESB, Pale

Fish: Wheat, Pilsner

Spicy fish: IPA

Fried seafood: Pale, ESB, IPA

Oysters: Stout

Caviar: American lager


Pasta: Amber

Pizza: Amber or ESB

Popcorn: Pilsner

Pretzels: Bock

Cajun or spicy: Mexican lager, Pilsner, Bock

Sushi: Japanese lager

BBQ: Amber, Bock, Dunkel

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