We’re excited to be adding the Shiner Beer family to our offerings for the year. This craft brewery is located in Shiner, Texas, and has been brewing delicious beer since 1909. They are known for their Shiner Bock, which is a unique take on the American-style dark lager.


Shiner Beer has been brewed at the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas, since 1909. Now, in 2014, Shiner sends 6 million cases of beer across the country. Their founder, Kosmos Spoetzl, was known to leave a cold bottle of Shiner beer for the farmers around the town, which they call the ‘original Shiner Beer Break.’

The Beer

Now, to the important stuff. Shiner has 12 different brews that all have a unique, satisfying flavor.

Shiner Bock: This is Shiner’s flagship beer and we’re not surprised! Our general manager Dave described their Bock as “creamy and excellent, not something I had expected at all. I normally wouldn’t order a Bock but Shiner’s is one I’ll definitely keep drinking.” It is lightly hoppy and brewed with rich roasted barley malt. We are excited to bring this beer to bars and stores near you!

White Wine Belgian White: Brewed with authentic Belgian yeast, coriander and orange peel, if you’re a Belgian White fan this is the beer for you! It’s refreshing and very drinkable.

Wild Hare Pale Ale: This American pale ale boasts rich, hoppy flavor and is one of their most classic brews.

Premium Golden Lager: A local Shiner, Texas favorite, the Premium Golden Lager is a blonde-style brew that has a crisp taste and is slightly sweet.

Oktoberfest: An authentic Marzen-style ale, their Oktoberfest uses traditional German malts and has a definite hoppy feel to it.

Light Blonde: At only 99 calories, if you’re watching your figure or just want an amazing, flavorful light beer, Shiner’s Light Blonde is the perfect choice for you.

Holiday Cheer: With hints of peaches and pecans, this Dunkelweizen is brewed with caramelized malts, giving it a rich taste. Perfect for sipping by the fire!

Kolsch: A small batch favorite, their Kolsch is inspired by the beers from Germany. An extremely refreshing beer!

Bohemian Black Lager: This smooth, black lager is one of their fan favorites and is  brewed with roasted malts, Czech saaz and Styrian hops.

Kosmos: Named after Shiner’s founder, Kosmos Spoetzl, this malt lager has an outstanding aroma and flavor. You’ll have to try it!

FM 966 Farmhouse Ale: Named after a road just south of Shiner’s brewery, this spring provisional ale is the perfect mix of fruity and spicy.

Ruby Redbird: This summer seasonal beer is extremely drinkable, brewed with tart grapefruit and ginger.

I bet you’re wondering, where can I get one of these delicious beers? We’ll be distributing them to many bars and stores throughout Vermont, so simply go into your local corner store or watering hole and ask!

Happy Drinking!