Within the past few years, Hard Cider has become a fast growing alternative to beer. Whether you don’t like the taste of beer (!!), are practicing a gluten-free philosophy or just love apples, Hard Cider is a delicious choice at any time of the year.

But let’s face it; Hard Cider is best in the fall. What’s better than curling up on cold, windy evening with a beverage that simultaneously tastes like apples, cinnamon, AND helps warm the body with its alcoholic content? We would say almost nothing. We distribute a nice collection of Hard Ciders, but wanted to give a special shout out to the varieties coming out of our great state of Vermont. Bring it on, fall!

Woodchuck Cider

Also known as the Vermont Hard Cider Company, Woodchuck Cider has really taken off and made quite a name for itself not only in Vermont, but also throughout the US. They recently built a new Cidery in Woodstock, Vermont, and we suggest making a trip to go check it out. From the tour of their brewing process, to the gift shop, and the gorgeous tasting room with a variety of their ciders (many you can’t find in stores and restaurants) – It is definitely worth the drive!

If you’re looking to enjoy a Woodchuck at your home or local bar, there are a variety of delicious ciders to choose from. The Amber was their first cider, crafted in 1991, and is a traditional cider with a distinct red apple taste. If you’re looking for something more tart and crisp, try the Granny Smith Apple Cider. Their 802 Dark & Dry has a strong, dry flavor with a bite at the end. Looking for something unique? Try the Pear Woodchuck, which boasts a sweet, crisp pear flavor. If you love raspberry, you’ll love their Raspberry brew. Light and refreshing, it’s perfect for a warm summer evening. Woodchuck Hopsation takes the original small batch cider and adds pine and citrus hints to it, making it slightly bitter in taste.

Boyden Valley Vermont Ice Cider

Boyden Valley’s new Ice Cider is an absolutely spectacular cider, made from only Vermont grown Northern Spy, Macintosh and Empire apples. They claim it to be “America’s first ice cider” and this flavorful cider is aged in French oak barrels. Ice Cider is sweet and boasts a complex combination of apple flavors and the oak from the barrels. This tasty drink makes a wonderful accompaniment to dessert, but is also delicious on its own.

Vermont Ice Cider has won several awards: The 2013 Double Gold Medal at the WSWA Tasting Competition, the 2013 Silver Medal at the San Diego International Wine and Spirits Competition, the 2014 Silver Medal at the Los Angeles International Wine Competition, and a score of 93 at the 2014 Chairman’s Trophy Ultimate Wine Challenge. This unique cider has a 12% alcohol content and is absolutely worth a try.

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