As Vermonters, we have a certain sense of superiority when it comes to things like beer, skiing, and beer. This is why it excites us when one of our local breweries does something like create a specialty draft that is only available in our beautiful Green Mountain State! Straight from the geniuses at Magic Hat and Speeder & Earls comes the new specialty brew, “Hop Drip” IPA.

Combining two of our favorite drugs – er, drinks – coffee and beer, the Hop Drip IPA is brewed with a special blend of malts, hops and coffee beans from one of Vermont’s favorite coffee roasters. Hop Drip is a medium-bodied American IPA that boasts a subtle, yet intriguing coffee flavor that percolates through the senses. A gentle rush of citrus and grapefruit from the hops finishes the flavor profile, making for a unique and wicked beer. Did we mention that this deliciousness has an ABV of 6%? Sign us up!

Which brings us to the next point, where can we experience this illusive brew? Catering to our love of exclusivity and home-state pride, the Hop Drip IPA will only be available for a limited time on tap at restaurants and bars throughout Vermont. Starting in late September, head on down to your local watering hole and ask your bartender for a try!

We’re curious to know what you think, although you really can’t go wrong with this combination. Please share your thoughts on our Facebook Page.