We’re excited to announce a new hard cider from Boyden Valley Winery in Cambridge, Vermont. The Vermont Ice Royale cider has a distinct flavor, unlike any other cider you’ve experienced. This unique cider is made from Vermont grown McIntosh, Northern Spy, and Empire apples. Vermont grown, organic black currants are then added to create a distinct fruity flavor.

The process is simple; the cider is cold fermented in stainless steel, lightly carbonated, and finished with a labor of love. Boyden Valley is calling this cider “Vermont’s version of a Kir Royale,” which is typically made with champagne, raspberries and Chambord. Ice Royale Cider is a versatile beverage and can be paired with anything from a dark chocolate dessert, cheesecake, to a large salad or sandwich.

Vermont Ice Royale is available on tap only, so be sure to ask for it at your favorite bars, restaurants, and more!

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Happy Drinking!