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Since 1965

In The Beginning

Baker Distributing was founded in 1965 to add innovation to the imported beer, wine, and NA market in Vermont. We now distribute an enviable collection of products across Vermont. We pride ourselves on offering superior service to our customers created by friendly staff, great deals, daily delivery and pride in everything we do. Baker Distributing has distribution agreements for Vermont with hundreds of vineyards and beer brands like Samuel Adams, MolsonCoors, Heineken, Peroni, Corona, and many, many more!

In the world of commoditization of products, we must be so specialized in product knowledge and execution through training and education that we become an extension of our customer’s needs and a resource for change.

We must meet our retailer, supplier, and employees at their varying parts of professional trajectory and find them solutions to where we collectively need to go and match this with strategic execution.

We will never lose sight of the goals and needs of our partners.